This is my story.

My name is Doris Sabina Wako. I am 36 years old. A mother of five. I am an Administration Police of Kenya. The idea of being close to these street children was as a result of seeing the lack of parental love these kids face and thought I can be that motherly figure in their life. I have time and share whatever little I get from my salary and also assured them that though life has challenges, they remain equal to other kids in the eyes of God. Through that, we have developed good relationship and I have thought how best I can get them out of their current environment but resources and where to take or allocate them remains a big challenge. Some of challenges they face include: lack of parental love, care, guidance and lack of basic needs, failure to get formal education which can make them be better people in the society. The society considers them criminal while the truth is that they are not.

My dream is to get enough donors to help me build a proper home and school for these kids.

Help me make this dream come true by donating.

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